about me

I am a theoretical physicist working at the Warsaw University of Technology in the Nuclear Theory Group. My research focuses on ultracold quantum matter, in particular the physics of superfluid quantum gases, both bosons and fermions, topological defects in superfluids such as solitons and quantized vortices and on superfluid mixtures including the exotic phases in spin imbalanced systems such as the famous Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov phase. Recently I also got interested in the growing research area of quantum droplets in ultracold atomic gases.

National Science Centre grant

I am currently the Principal Investigator of the Sonata project “Topological Defects and Self-Bound Solutions in Mixtures of Ultracold Bose and Fermi Gases with Density Functional Theory” funded by the National Science Centre, Poland (Narodowe Centrum Nauki) for years 2020 – 2023